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 US hints at more aid for people hit by flood

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US hints at more aid for people hit by flood  Empty
PostSubject: US hints at more aid for people hit by flood    US hints at more aid for people hit by flood  Icon_minitimeThu Aug 05, 2010 1:29 am

US hints at more aid for people hit by flood  Clinton-shah-608

WASHINGTON: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton assured
Pakistan on Wednesday that Washington’s immediate response to the
historic floods in the country was just the start of a more sustained
relief effort.

In a special briefing on the floods at
the State Department, Secretary Clinton also condemned those who
orchestrated a suicide bombing in Peshawar at a time when the Pakistani
nation was busy dealing with its worst ever floods.

represents just the start of our efforts. We will continue to help
Pakistan in the days and weeks ahead,” said the chief US diplomat.

on Wednesday, a senior US lawmaker noted that many Pakistanis were
“frustrated by the slow pace of relief efforts”, and urged the
government of Pakistan and the international community to “work swiftly
and in concert to ensure that aid reaches those in need as quickly as

Senator John Kerry pointed out that most of an
estimated three million people affected by the floods, lived in areas
that had “suffered years of Taliban violence and decades of economic

Describing last week’s floods as the worst in more
than 80 years, Secretary Clinton noted that an estimated 1,500 people
had lost their lives and many more were missing. “Thousands are trapped
and hundreds of thousands require emergency assistance,” she added.

addition to the floods, a suicide bomber struck just a few hours ago
near a major market in Peshawar killing three people, including a
government official, and wounding several more,” she noted.

like this is abhorrent at any time, but especially at this time of
crisis for the Pakistani people. And I want to convey the condolences of
the American people to the Pakistani people on behalf of everything
they are confronting,” she said.

The $10 million that the US announced earlier this week, she said, was an immediate response and more was coming.

Mrs Clinton urged US citizens to text the word “SWAT” – s-w-a-t – to the number 50555 and make a $10 contribution.

individual contributions, she said, would help the UN High Commissioner
for Refugees provide tents, clothing, food, clean drinking water and
medicine to people displaced by floods.

“I just texted a
contribution myself, because we know from our own experience, small
donations can add up to make a big difference,” said Secretary Clinton
while urging Americans to do the same.

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US hints at more aid for people hit by flood
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